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XINI World Innovation And Concept Communications Limited is a fast growing service company with bespoke focus on strategic brand management and gap bridging between client and customer with more excerpt on brand relationship in Africa. The company provides services with high focus on the customer/market/audience personality with the engaging brand. Our services gives us an edge across various platforms as we are known as the first digital architect of brand relationship across Africa and Diaspora.

We offer a wide range of services in each of our servicing field ranging from Integrated Brand ManagementPublic Relations, Digital MarketingBranding,  Printing Services, New Activations, Studios Services, Content Creation, Film Marketing,   Perception Management, Etc.  XINI, focuses on strategic ways to build and pass brand loyalty within market strata. We work with the best innovative and creative personnel across the world as we stay peak and highly relevant at every generation with different demographic consideration.


Vision:  To become the model for innovation and concept communications thereby staying peak in building brand relationship across Africa.

Mission: To always provide solution which embeds innovation and a think-in creative approach to ensuring only excellence across the concepts communications industry.

Objectives: To provide enriched branding and communications experience for our clients in various industries through services which approaches every engagement with the most appropriate analysis of requirements, while seeking  the most cost effective means to ensuring that our clients feel comfortable as we deliver high tech and excellent performance with a good relationship spanning decades.

Goal: Clients spotlighting through us!

XINI Core Values
Exceptional Leads

A Will to win
Content Is Key

Personal Involvement & Responsibility
Quality productions or no involvement


  • Innovation And Concepts Communications
  • At XINI all we do is to go centric and analyze the needed service by our clients while ensuring that we are able to achieve set engagements far more than the speed of light.
  • We create solutions that connect both the big and the small businesses , through marketing, Innovations, concepts and unrestrained creativity.
  • Our ultimate goal is to work with clients to remove relationship barriers in business and quickly grow clients’ revenue and ROI using a strategic approach with its market.
  • We develop content and strategies in all our service categories to ensure that our clients are on top of the trend.

Our Approach

Think! Think!! Think!!! And Execute

At XINI, we operate from the deepest part of analyzing a brands to field action , Our AICT approach relentlessly delivers the rich satisfaction for everyone as we Attract-Drive Traffic, Interact- Engage with the audience with the targeted region, Convert –  all the enquiries to substantial bits, and then take it offline & Online.

The Xini Team

For every project, our team which comprise of intellectual strategist contributes quota to ensure that execution and results takes less time than usual.

Expected To Deliver Excellence

We leverage on content and ideas that cuts across different age groups, Ideas for results and proper recognition.


We fully believe in the human factor to connect easily and stay at the peak of every engagement with an high relevance index (RFI) across the world. We derive joy in people; culture, human values, integrity and purpose. Our Narrative is based on organic storytelling in & out of the box and we stay with key leads at the core of our content and execution.