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We know that a message is as important as how the message is communicated and that is why marketing Communications requires a lot of effort to deliver credibility. Effective scope and strategy can create competitive advantage, boost sales and profits, while saving money, time and stress. This can be achieved through an understood channel for the function.

We help through IMC (integrated marketing communications) which wraps communications around customers and helps them move through the various stages of the buying process. The organisation simultaneously consolidates its image, develops a dialogue and nurtures its relationship with customers. This ‘Relationship Marketing’ which cements a bond of loyalty with customers which can protect them from the inevitable onslaught of competition. The ability to keep a customer for life is a powerful competitive advantage which we help our client all through to deliver.

MC also increases profits through increased effectiveness. At its most basic level, a unified message has more impact than a disjointed myriad of messages. In a busy world, a consistent, consolidated and crystal clear message has a better chance of cutting through the ‘noise’ of over five hundred commercial messages which bombard customers each and every day. At another level, initial research suggests that images shared in advertising and direct mail boost both advertising awareness and mail shot responses. With our aid on IMC which primarily boost sales by stretching messages across several communications tools to create more avenues for customers to become aware, aroused, and ultimately make a purchase.

We carefully handle public messages by linking it with the customers to stay updated with information and special offers which, when presented in a planned sequence, help them move comfortably through the stages of their buying process… and this reduces their ‘misery of choice’ in a complex and busy world.

XINI ensures the coordination and proper integration of all marketing communications tools, avenues, and sources within a company into a seamless program that maximizes the impact on consumer/target market and other end users at a minimal cost

We understand clearly and let known to you that that un-integrated communications sends disjointed messages which dilute the impact of a message. This may also confuse, frustrate and arouse anxiety in customers. On the other hand, integrated communications present a reassuring sense of order.

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