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Brand Activations is the super way from an experiential angle of the target market.  When something exist and it is not really known or it is not getting the type of conversations it should be having then you need to activate it with a strategy, think about when you first start a business. Nobody knows who you are and they sure as hell aren’t aware of your brand. Your brand is effectively lifeless. We mean dead. And it needs to be ‘activated’ before it can be of any use to anyone, anywhere, anytime. A proper brand activations strategy is a key way to have a brand to properly spotlight.

But it doesn’t just apply to new brands. If a business wants to rebrand itself it can’t just make a few changes and hope people notice. It needs to go through the process of switching people’s minds over to the new brand and making them aware of it. As with all types of experiential marketing, brand activation should not always be measured simply in terms of additional sales but appealing connections. Of course the end goal in everything marketers do is to increase revenue, but more directly a brand activation campaign is about raising awareness and opening a two-way dialogue with potential customers about your brand.  It is about creating an emotional connection between them and your brand so that it sticks in their mind and they are more likely to engage with it and become long-term customers.

Emotional reaction through interaction is the key factor in any brand activations. We often talk about the need to elicit an emotional reaction through content, and with brand activation it is particularly important. Often it is the first experience somebody will have with your brand, therefore it is important to make the right kind of impact so that your brand sticks firmly in their mind for a significant period of time and they can also pass the feels to other they meet.


Your brand activations experience should be something very easy to relate with on all levels. The question sometimes is that what is the thoughts of your Experiential Marketing Campaigns in all views? Because defining this helps to get objectives properly executed.

Whether you make people laugh, cry, feel angry or excited (this will all depend on your product and audience), you must create some kind of emotional connection or it is unlikely people will remember the experience or your brand.

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