Xigitals Creative Branding Account Representatives

The following persons are therefore ascertained to be contacted through all communications channels as a XINI Communications Xigitals Representative.

Therefore you are  free and secured to relate with them on the purpose of the creative branding design account.

The contact details are as followings:
Ebenezer Mabinuola – 0905 356 0246
Rotimi Oluwatobi Samuel – 0903 488 3402
Omojusebinu Abidemi James – 0708 496 7930, 0813 956 1935
Adefisoye Daniel Adewale – 0809 101 7751
Charles Ataghoma – 08137777162

What is Xigitals in brief?
Xigitals is a creative platform from XINI that helps every SME’s and Corporate organizations handle all their creative works from designs, articles, product development, …

When should I create an account?
Now, so that you can start building your brand immediately

How Flexible Is The Account Opening Process?
We have made it as flexible as ABC! we can initiate an account for you immediately you are wrapped with the account representatives.

Can my designs be used on Social Media?
Yes, it is one of the best juice of designs as we would give you the designs in the format you can use on all platforms from twitter, facebook, Instagram, LinkedIN, etc.

All account officers are available on calls and chat on WhatsApp to proceed with an account opening process.

For further information regarding our production and creatives service please be free to reach out to us 07082709871, 07015883269, info@xinicomms.com

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