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Brochure Printing

Brochure Printing
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Brochure printing are still one of the most popular and effective ways to get your message, brand, products and services into the marketplace. At XINI Prints, we specialise in brochure printing and have the perfect solution for saddle stitched, perfect bound books, wire O bound documents, handbook printing, magazine printing and folded leaflets.

Customers who use our brochure printing services in Lagos  can choose from an extensive range of sizes from A6 to A3. Our printed brochures are produced on top of the range High Resolution presses and we use only premium grade papers. Our excellent prices certainly don’t mean we compromise on quality. Use our easy online ordering process with a fantastic range of paper options and finishes to create your high-quality print brochures.

We believe we offer one of the largest choices you’ll find with any online brochure printers. Folded leaflets, saddle stitched books, perfect bound and wire O bound documents are all available to view on our website. Remember that we guarantee our products, prices and service with the DP Guarantee, so when you’re looking for cheap brochure printing without having to compromise on print quality, order online. The quote and ordering process is really easy to follow so you can check all your options quickly and order your job easily. Then you can relax while we print your brochures and deliver them where you want them delivered across Lagos, Nigeria, Africa, and across the globe.Branded Brochure Magazine Printing

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  • Full color on front or both sides, or black or blank on the back
  • Folding options only 1 cent each for any size!
  • FREE gloss aqueous coating
  • Optional UV coating for extra shine and durability
  • Rush Production Available
  • Full service direct mailing

Standard Brochure Sizes

  • 3.5″ x 8.5″
  • 5.5″ x 8.5″
  • 8.5″ x 11″
  • 8.5″ x 14″
  • 11″ x 17″
  • 11″ x 25.5″
  • Custom Sizes


Paper Options

Choose text or cover stocks:

  • 80# Gloss or Dull/Matte text
  • 100# Gloss or Dull/Matte text
  • 80# Gloss or Dull/Matte cover
  • Many custom papers
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Custom Brochure Printing Options

Promotional brochures are one of the most important marketing tools that businesses use to convey their value to customers. From a simple single sided flyer to trifolds, all the way to the impactful iron cross fold, PFL is the best printer for brochures and flyers that make your business stand apart. Our experts have over 200 years of combined experience in all aspects of print and they are ready to share that knowledge to help your business achieve your own brand of success.

A brochure with the right touch from a custom finish will tell customers the value of your brand even before they read a single word. The look, the feel or the interaction with an interesting fold makes you memorable.

  • The Look can be a striking metallic foil, Spot UV coating, a strongly branded Pantone color, or a die cut window.
  • The Feel of a soft touch coating or a delicate emboss conveys a subtle, ingrained message of quality.
  • Company Profile Brochure Manual Printing In Lagos Nigeria
  • The Interaction of unfolding an interesting piece gives you control of how your story is told to the customer, one step at a time.
Get attention-grabbing options for brochures such as:

Fast Service and Free Samples

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Company Brochure Printing In Lagos NigeriaBrochure Printing Frequently Asked Questions

What are the standard sizes of brochures?

The most common size brochure is 8.5 x 11 inches, frequently folded into three panels as a tri-fold brochure. Other common sizes are the legal size brochure at 8.5″ x 14″, folded into four panels, and 11″ x 17″, folded in half to an 8.5″ x 11″ final size. The large 11 x 25.5 inch brochure is usually folded in thirds to a final size of 8.5″ x 11″.

Can a brochure be made in custom sizes?

We can help you make a brochure into just about any size or shape that you can imagine. In fact, we prefer to work on unusual and interesting brochures because it helps us better understand what can be done.

What are some of the common ways that brochures are folded?

There are many ways to fold a brochure to create interesting formats for displaying information. Other than the very common half or tri-fold, a few of the more popular ones are the Z or accordion fold, the open and closed versions of the gate fold, the half then tri-fold, and the double parallel or 4 panel fold. There are also several varieties of offset folds, where the panels are different sizes, creating a very artistic and eye-catching staggered presentation. In fact, you can see some of these folds in the video at the top of the page!

Brochure Manual PrintingBrochure Printing In Lagos NigeriaSee the Brochure Templates and Folds page for more detailed explanations.

Why Use Brochures for Marketing?

Customers are 70% more likely to recall something they’ve seen in print, and brochures are one of the most affordable ways to get your message into print.

What Counts as a Brochure?

The term “brochure” really refers to a range of printed assets. Brochures are printed marketing materials that are folded to create panels. Each panel is a new face to hold your marketing messages. Brochures are also called:

– Handouts
– Pamphlets
– Leave-behinds

What types of paper can a brochure be printed on?

They can be printed on almost any type of paper stock, from thin uncoated and gloss coated papers to thick cover stock that creates a very stiff brochure when folded. Our standard brochure papers are listed below, but there are many varieties available including recycled and SmartFlex synthetic papers. Certain papers work better for particular uses, so check with our print experts for suggestions for your particular project.

– 80# Gloss or Dull/Matte text
– 100# Gloss or Dull/Matte text
– 80# Gloss or Dull/Matte cover

What custom options are available for brochures?

There are many custom printing and finishing options available, including die cutting, embossing, foil stamping, flood or spot UV coating, matte or gloss aqueous coating (included at no extra charge), Pantone and metallic inks, scented inks, Soft Touch®coating, and many more.

Can I have a perforated section on my brochure that can be torn off?

Sure, a small section or entire folded panel can be perforated for easy removal. This is a great way to include a discount coupon offer, ticket, or other incentive to get people to interact with or visit your business while keeping the bulk of the brochure on hand for future reference. We can even create pieces that allow customers to return a card to you in the mail so you know that your marketing dollars are working.

Check Out Our General Printing Price List

Can a brochure be used as a self-mailer?

Yes they can if they meet the USPS regulations for size, thickness, addressing and tabbing. It’s a great economic way to send a mailing as no envelope is needed, and your message or advertising is right on the outside. We have dedicated mailing experts who work closely with the USPS to ensure that our customers have the best possible experience with direct mail. Contact us for more detailed information on the requirements.

Do you have brochure templates available?

We have layout templates for our standard size brochures with common folds. Check with us for non-standard sizes and folds.

Can you help me design a brochure for my business?

Sure, we have experienced designers that will work one-on-one with you to get the best possible brochure for your business. And our rate is reasonable.

Brochure Printing Design

The Do-It-Yourself Route

Check out our brochure fold and layout templates if you need help creating your company brochure.

Templates are available for all the standard brochure sizes and folds, as well as free pre-designed brochure templates for Microsoft Word. It’s easy to replace text, logos and images with your own custom information for a professional looking brochure design.

Design for Your Purpose

The most important part of print marketing is to include a ‘call to action’ that prompts your customer to do something, so design your brochure with that purpose in mind. If you want the brochure to get noticed, use striking, bold art work. Touch it up with special, custom effects like foil stamping, embossing and special coatings. If you want people to write on your brochure, don’t coat it in a glossy finish. If you want to really stoke engagement, use cool folds that call out for someone to open the brochure.

Layouts and Folds

Once you have a purpose in mind, the next thing to consider is how the brochure will be folded. A tri-fold brochure printing template is the most common, by far, but you can go much further. Here are some examples. Learn more and get templates.

  • Tri Fold
  • Half Fold
  • Iron Cross
  • Gatefold (Open or Closed)
  • Stair Step
  • Accordion
  • Z Fold
  • Barrel Roll
  • Double Parallel
  • Snake Fold
Not sure about designing your brochure? We’ve got your back.

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Design Services. All thanks to Printforless

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Design can be tricky. Let our team of experts make sure your brochure’s design is eye-catching and attention grabbing using custom printing and finishing options. Our highly qualified graphic designers will work one-on-one with you to create custom pieces that show your business off and astound your customers.

Did we mention custom design is wallet friendly? Call 07082709871 now and let us quote your design project.

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Always get the cost best cost of printing brochure from us at XINI Prints in Lagos and across Nigeria.

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